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Video Break: top five weird tyre fryers

5 April 2016

The art of oversteer, which is better known as drifting, is something that is not exclusive to the likes of the Nissan Silvia or Toyota Chaser. Take any old rear-wheel drive machine with enough power that it can break traction, add a talented driver, and, hey presto, you have a drift-capable machine as highlighted in our top five weird drift videos on YouTube.

Number five

First on our list is a very recent release from Nissan USA, where they prank professional drifter Chris Forsberg into drifting a Nissan NV cargo van. Chris tears up an abandoned tyre plant with the giant van as if it’s his 370Z competition car — who knew a car could move like that!

Number four

This isn’t even a car, but professional drifter / Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust still manages to destroy the streets of San Diego in a 400hp Polarus SlingshotX. As amazing as the driving is, he has to do it at 4am so no one see’s him driving what is essentially a giant douche mobile. 

Number three

How about 12-time Pikes Peak Truck-class champion MIke Ryan throwing his Freightliner around the same airbase that Ken Block did Gymkhana 1 at all those years ago. OK, so this is a race truck, so you would expect it to handle. But super-sixing in any truck can not be easy. 

Oh, and he did it again in Size Matters 2 

Number two

It is always a sad fact when car guys have to sell up there pride and joy to purchase a minivan (American term for what we call a people mover). But it wouldn’t be sad if your wife was super-hot Hollywood stunt woman Shauna Duggins, and your people mover was packing a 550hp LS3 under the hood.   

Number one

We have left the smallest for last: a smart car built to drift. Please excuse the low-res quality, but this was certainly worth sharing. The way this super-short wheelbase machine is thrown around is certainly a skill set most drifters would take a long time to master. Hats off to this guy for giving it a red-hot go. 

Of course we would love to know what video you liked best, or if you think there was something else we missed. The weirder the better guys, so let us know.