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Hondas at Hampton: NZHondas hold North Island Mega Meet

29 March 2016


If you’re not into anything with an ‘H’ badge on the front or back, then you might want to move on. If you’re a fan of the high-revving, lightweight, and affordable circuit and street racers, then you’ll want to see the action that went down at the NZHondas North Island Mega Meet on March 18 at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park.


With around 30 vehicles in attendance, it seems it wasn’t as big as last year, however that’s not to say these Honda-mad enthusiasts didn’t have a good time!


It wasn’t just the daily driven and weekend-driven variety that was on offer at the Mega Meet this year, with several race-prepared Hondas making their way out among the pack to mix things up a bit and school the less experienced.


Although some NZHondas members have moved on from their front-wheel drive warriors, they still attend the NZHondas meets, which just goes to show that it’s a great club to be a part of.


Our pick of the day though, would have to be this immaculate Civic EK9! There’s nothing quite like a championship white EK9 on gold Volk TE37s, shod in Toyo rubber.

Words and photos: Ash Bechan