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Workshops, minitrucks, RADBUL, and more in NZ Performance Car Issue No. 233

18 April 2016

It’s not often a workshop comes along and redefines how people visualize a certain car brand, but that is certainly what a small Japanese workshop, known as RWB, has done for the modified car community. NZ Performance Car is no stranger to the workings of RWB’s Akira Nakai, but we have been waiting a long time for him to make it to New Zealand and build a car. Lucky for us all, he put together two 964s while here — both with very different characteristics.

With ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett heading back to Formula D for another crack at those Yanks, we take a look at his rebuilt and reworked Mazda MX-5. Now rocking the new ND bodywork, with a more refined aero package, carbon roof, and large splitters front and rear, RADBUL has taken on a much more aggressive look. We chat to Mike about what the team learnt last season, the changes to the car, and the coming season.

Horsepower and minitrucks are not the kind of combination you see every day, but John Powar’s Mazda B200 mixes the two seamlessly. Powered by a 270kW 4G63 that is simply dripping chrome, find out why this truck cleans up at shows.

Now in its second year, REunion has solidified itself as the go-to event for rotary owners in New Zealand, with 160 entering to take part in the laid-back cruising, drifting, burnouts, and drag racing.

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