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Porsche to restore one of the first-ever 911s

7 February 2015

The Porsche 911 is nothing short of an icon. Its silhouette transcends countries and generations making it instantly recognizable from the first generation through to the current ‘991’ series. As one of history’s most revered sports cars, with hundreds of thousands sold since 1963, the second-hand market holds a 911 to suit nearly any budget. Rarities are common — the Carrera 2.7 RS comes readily to mind — and one of the first 911s manufactured would definitely fall under this category. However, that hasn’t stopped Porsche, who have come across one of the very first 911s ever built. Chassis number 57 sits within the Porsche Museum workshop in Stuttgart, ready to undergo a complete restoration.

Is there anyone better to undertake such a project? The 911 might not look like much now, but watch this space, and the video below — the meticulous restoration is guaranteed to be the best possible tribute to such a car’s history.