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Aero battles: bringing you the latest in aero trends

27 January 2015


With time attack trends taking the world by storm, and the likes of ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett’s Japan-based drift car HUMBUL wearing the time attack aero, has the trend trickled its way down the competition to street cars in New Zealand? Rene Vermeer scoped out the V 4&Rotary Nationals to give you the latest on the aero trend.

We’re all very well aware of how successful Evos are in time attack competition with the HKS CT230R first dominating the scene, and now the likes of the Tilton Interiors Evo destroying the competition at the recent Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, so it’s no wonder the trend has made its way to New Zealand. Alfred Hare, owner of Speed Factory owns this very wide time attack-inspired Varis kitted Evo V. The carbon side diffusers are a must for any time attack build. A carbon GT wing has been left off as this is a road-going version of what they can offer.

Another chassis to receive international praise for being one of the best rear-wheel-drive platforms available for time attack is the FD RX-7. This particular example was one of my personal favourites at the show as it had my favourite car colour, carbon fibre all over it, a super aggressive rear wing, and huge canards on the front bumper. Under the bonnet the 13B has been motivated by a huge single Master Power turbo.

Adam Hedges from C’s Garage displayed his flawless Nissan Silvia S14 drift car, which featured some very nice, yet subtle, aero additions. The S14 sports additions from Origin Labo, including the wide GT Series guards all round, Origin Labo Racing Line bodykit, and silver canards on the front bumper. Although not exclusively time attack, the carbon and style have definitely found their way down from Japan.

Sky Zhao’s project Nissan 180SX was on display and was sporting New Zealand’s first (that we know of) Rocket Bunny kit. Sky plans to build this car with a 5.7-litre V8 that he has lying around. It will be used for the sole purpose of having fun and teaching people how to drift in near-competition trim.

One of my favourite-looking vehicles on display was Daynom Templeman’s Mazda RX-7 FD. I had a chat to Daynom about the kit and according to him it’s a combination of a Vertex front bumper, RE-Amemiya front guards, custom home-made flares all round, carbon front splitters that he had lying around in the shed, and a custom rear wing. All topped off with the brightest red paint Car Colors over on Auckland’s North Shore had to offer. To complete the look, a set of black Work D9Rs have been chosen, which, combined with the red, is one of my favourite colour combinations.