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Ben Bray crashes at Willowbank

18 June 2014

When pushing the limits of any sport, there is always a risk that things could go wrong,  and while it’s often joked about, insert that overused phrase — A time when sex was safe and drag racing was dangerous! But the fact is, the sport still comes with plenty of risk. Australian Ben Bray found this out all to well during the Winter Nationals at Willowbank Raceway over the weekend.  Ben had pulled his SR20-powered Nissan Altima out of the shed in the hopes of reclaiming the SR20 world record he set back in April, Ben releasing this statement on the team site ahead of the event. “We made world news in April of 2013 when we ran a 6.807 second pass at 202.39 miles per hour at Willowbank Raceway, earning us the titles of the quickest four cylinder ‘doored’ car in the world running an SR20 motor, and the quickest four cylinder car outright in Australia. At the Pro Street Shootout in March Colin was able to take both of those accolades away at the wheel of his Jett Racing Mitsubishi Eclipse — now I am not too happy about that, and want to do all I can to take them back!” Ben was able to take back the record, running a 6.68 @207MPH, reclaiming the title from Colin.

On the very next pass, the car took a hard turn right at half track and impacted the wall heavily on the roof above Ben’s head. A very rare type of collision for a drag car. At the time it was believe Ben was ok, but was later taken to hospital where the extent of his injuries became apparent.

Ben’s father Victor talks about the uniqueness of the crash, the injuries Ben’s sustained and what it was like to have to belt yourself in a car and race only moments after watching your son crash. Ben is now laid up in hospital and and in a stable condition. For those wanting to send their best wishes, you can do so HERE. Ben, while unable to move is reading all the support that is said to be flooding in from around the world. The entire team here at NZPC wish Ben all the best and a speedy recovery and we hope to see you back out and behind the wheel soon.