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Three Mazda 767B videos to blow your speakers with

15 June 2014



With the NEWS that one of  the three Mazda 767Bs built for the 1988 Le Mans (sister cars to the legendary 787B) are heading to Sydney for The World Time Attack Challenge this year, the NZPC team was understandably excited! To celebrate the fact we will be ticking off one of those childhood dreams of seeing, scratch that, hearing one in the flesh — we have three of our favourite YouTube clips of  the 767B to get you amping for the October event.

While we are somewhat spoilt having plenty of four-rotor engined vehicles in New Zealand, there is something special about the factory-built 13G four rotor that just sends shivers up our spines with every blip of that throttle. The 600hp 13G equipped with slide throttle, three spark plugs per rotor, and factory peripheral porting is a legendary engine combination.

During the October event car #202 will not only be on show, it will be driven in anger out on track. If you’re not familiar with Sydney Motorsport Park, a highlight will be hearing the car at full noise down the 800-metre long front straight entering into the high-speed left-hander. For us, the sound of this alone will be worth the flights to Australia.