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Dream. Build. Drive. The ETS Story

16 June 2014


Nigel Petrie from Engineered to Slide is one of the nicest, and most humble, guys you will ever meet in your lifetime. The one-man car and bike building machine is the kind of guy who makes the rest of us look bad without even trying. What he achieves outside of his normal nine-to-five job in a shed at the back of his house is truly amazing, and the best thing is, he has documented it all on his personal blog. If you haven’t followed the Hilux build for the past three years, or seen the cover feature we ran in NZPC204, then you should take the time to go recap on it here before watching the documentary that follows Nigel through the last eight months and most important part of any build — the first drive. 

It just so happened that the first true drive was here in New Zealand when the Hilux was over for the 4&Rotary summer season of shows. The following documentary isn’t something to watch at work, unless you have a spare hour, it’s best enjoyed when you can sit down and take in all 54 minutes to soak up the journey from completed project to running drift car. Like the Hilux itself this documentary is unlike anything you have watched before. Enjoy …