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Southward Car Museum’s annual Auto Jumble in November

16 June 2014


The Southward Car Museum is holding its annual Auto Jumble in November 2014 and owners of vintage, classic, and rare cars and motorcycles can bring their unwanted parts and memorabilia for others to rummage through.

Being an automotive only swap meet, punters may be able to find that elusive missing piece they need to get on with whatever project they’re working on.

The Auto Jumble provides vendors the opportunity to display their automotive-themed products to the public.

Once again we have the opportunity for vendors to display their automotive themed products to the public.

The Car Corral area will also be at the Auto Jumble. This is for those who would like to advertise their vehicle as being for sale. Southward Car Museum has hopes that this area will be a buyer’s paradise on the day.

Preferential parking will be set aside for those who are wanting to bring their classic car or motorcycle along for a ride on the day.

Children’s entertainment and paces to purchase food and beverages will complete the day out. Gates open at 8am — make sure you get there early so you don’t miss out on the great deals!

Vendors who are interested in holding a trade site should contact Hayden on for more information.