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Andy Frost sets out for the fives

9 December 2014

The battle to own the world’s quickest street car has just got even more fierce, with UK’s Andy Frost, who previously held the record at 6.40 seconds in his ‘Red Victor 3’ Vauxhall Victor, vowing to take the title back. Bearing in mind that American Larry Larson just ran in the five-second zone in his S-10 pickup, you’ll see that Frosty has some catching up to do.

We’ve just been let in on some insider information on Frost’s plans. What do you think? Who is your money on? Let us know in the comments below.

The Red Victor 1 racing team are now ready to unveil the plans for their future in the street-legal racing circus. They’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the past couple of months planning to upgrade the RV3 powertrain to run in the five-second zone. Their intention is to bring the street-legal records back across the Atlantic where they have resided for the past two and a half years. Having watched the progression elsewhere that they started back in 2011 with RV3, they’re happy that there are now people who have joined them in the street-legal car revolution. 

The car itself has plenty of potential as they didn’t really scratch the surface of RV3’s chassis tune-up due to a lack of good track time, thanks to the weather playing its part in that. The team says it was obvious that they were severely lacking in power in order to get the best out of RV3, mainly due to the restrictions of the class that they were racing in. By racing in Outlaw they can make improvements in certain areas, namely the top end of the engine and the turbo size.

They plan to keep the engine size the same at 539” (8.8 litres) retaining the New Century block, Diamond pistons, Winberg crank, GRP rods, Bullet/Morris cam, and Jesel lifters. Upgrades include using new Race Flow Developments spread port heads with a Victory performance valve train, PAC springs, and T+D rockers, along with a Steve Morris Engines billet intake manifold. Wilson Manifolds will supply the twin 105mm throttle bodies, which will be supplemented by Precision Pro Mod GEN2 98mm turbos. There will also be some new MoTeC equipment, namely a MoTeC PDM 30 and MoTeC keypad, which will help with the street side, giving the ability to change from pump gas to methanol with a press of a button. The engine will again be built by Marc at Lamude Racing Engines — the same guy who built the team’s record-setting engine for the last couple of years.  Tuning will again be handled by the by the same world-famous Shane Tecklenburg, who is no stranger to setting records around the world!

They plan to change the transmission to a Reid-cased TH400 complete with a Browell 6.3 bellhousing. The trans itself will be built by Frosty, with Hutch transmissions overseeing the build and supplying the parts. The team always wanted to use this trans combo, but the FIA rules prohibited it when the car was being built. Now that they’re running Outlaw, the TH400 is their transmission of choice.

One of the reasons they’re able to do this is because of their new sponsor, the Red Victor five-second club. They formed the club a short while ago, and after just one month they have 120 dedicated club members who are supporting their “quest for the fives and the street-legal record”.

Once the upgrades are done, which is due to be around August–September, 2015, they plan on shaking the car down at Santa Pod Raceway in England, and driving the car around their area to test all the new systems. They’ll then ship the car to a sunnier destination to test the upgrades to the full. From there we will see what transpires …