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High-stakes drag racing at Meremere

16 December 2014

In what looks to be a fun drag meeting, the Meremere All Out Dash for Cash is scheduled to take place at Meremere Dragway on February 7 — with February 8 as a rain date.

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a competition bike or car, import or V8, everyone has a chance to win some cash. The racing is run on a DYO format, where consistency rather than outright speed is key, and is divided into four classes: cars 10.99 and quicker; cars 11.00 and slower; bikes 10.99 and quicker; bikes 11.00 and slower.

For every round a racer wins, they will receive prize money of $100 on the return road. To progress to the next round they can buy back in with $50, meaning two wins will cover the entry cost.

The final prize pool will be determined by how many racers are entered in that class; the more entrants in a class, the bigger the prize pool — how’s that for an incentive to get your mates to participate? For round losers, grudge racing will be available. Entry to the event is $20 for spectators at the gate, or $100 for racers. Gates open at 8am with racing starting at 11am.