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Top five car documentaries to watch if it rains this summer

25 December 2014

If it rains this summer, or you’re bored out of your tree, check out our top five must see car documentaries, which should see you through. We’ve spent a lot of time ensuring you will be entertained, so kick back, grab some Christmas ham, a beer, and enjoy our chosen best.

1: LA Street Racing

LA Street Racing is a documentary based around the infamous street racers of Los Angeles. The documentary follows one of the highest performing street racing teams out there, CPR. The team, known for their illegal antics, want to change their ways to secure their place within the tuning community. Watch as the team debuts at the race track for the first time, with no sleep for weeks, and see how they go up against well-funded race teams from across America.

2: We are Driven — Automotive Tuning Culture Documentary

We Are Driven is a great modern documentary made by an automotive car enthusiast, for car enthusiasts. The documentary showcases the ‘JDM’ car scene as we know it with discussions from various enthusiasts within the community. Everyone interviewed came to the same conclusion regarding the automotive car scene, which is that they’re in it to surround themselves with people who are passionate about the same things, and in turn gain a bunch of friends from it.

3: Outsiders — HD Drifting Documentary by Driftworks

Outsiders is probably one the best online drifting experiences you will ever have. The team from Driftworks take you on the drifting journey of a lifetime across Japan to show you just how intense the scene is over there. You’ll experience Japan’s best from the streets, the mountains, and the track, guided by Mitto Steele. Filmed by experienced filmmaker Al Clark, this is a visual wonder you don’t want to miss.

4: Kei To The City — A Mighty Car Mods feature film

Kei To The City is Mighty Car Mods’ second feature film, and with over 1.5 million views you know it’s going to be a good one. Marty and Moog, the DIY masters, purchase a turbocharged machine to take them across Japan and eventually have it modified to be able to go drifting. Check out what it’s like shopping in an Up Garage store, and drifting on the streets and Japanese drift circuits in a hastily modified Daihatsu Mira.

5: JDM The Pursuit of Function

Are you a Honda fan? JDM The Pursuit of Function is the ultimate Honda tuning documentary on how the Honda tuning scene has progressed into what it is today. Many of the original Honda tuners are now guys with big shops, or they’re running events to keep the scene alive.