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Whipped Up — Drags

24 December 2014

I’m not gonna lie (as always), I’m not a huge drag racing person. I’m learning, but I’m really not overly convinced. I haven’t been in a drag car so maybe that’s something I need to witness. Currently I’m left wondering how to make drag cars more enjoyable. I’m debating if the need comes from wanting to go faster and faster, yet for some reason these slow cars actually made me further my interest in drag racing.

Judging by what was parked in the carpark, it wasn’t going to be a day of 10-second passes. In fact if anything it was going to be the complete opposite. This Gloria was by no means packing a monstrous engine, but a very classic package instead.

Not what I expected to see at the drags, this Chevrolet Vega wagon managed to put down a solid little burnout and look good while doing so. Powered by a later-model V6, the car has been getting gradually restored through various pick-a-parts and TradeMe auctions.

You’ve gotta love it when they’re rough and ready. Neal’s HQ Holden was maybe not the cleanest, nor the most restored, car out of the bunch but it certainly had a tough, ready to go factor to it.

Moving ahead a few years, the VK Commodore was usually known for having knock-off Walkinshaw kits added to it. In this case a varied mix of parts has been thrown together including a P-plate from Australia. Definitely an original take.

Looking back now, the weird thing about my day is that I didn’t end up shooting much drag racing … I went out and decided to shoot nearly everything but. I think the main factor of the day was the bringing together of these old and wondrous cars, rather than the times they set down the strip.

Most of these cars you might see out and about every now and then, but to see them altogether at once was one of the more remarkable things. 

What compels a man to bring a scooter to a drag day is quite obvious. It’s hilarious. Seeing a little scooter do a surprisingly good run and burnout is something I think many would pay to watch.

Doin’ it OldSchool. Much like drag racing of years gone by, home cooking was actually present at the show with a member, said to own a bakery, allowing for some produce to come through.

Unsurprisingly a kiwi sausage sizzle did not go amiss. Good ol’ Ritchie was manning the barbecue, with a couple of noticeable darkened snarlers.

So I did end up shooting some drag racing. Not ridiculous amounts, but nonetheless drag racing. This Celica held a nice posture launching off the line. 

Most surprisingly was the addition of a V8-powered Toyota Landcrusier. Spotted with something extra under the hood, it was surprising to see the truck shack and wobble as it managed a quick time down the line.

That something extra was the added supercharger popped on top of the LS V8 …

Past cover car Joel Paterson was told off for spraying his water jets sadly. He managed to pop a couple of 13-second runs out before calling it a day. Traction wasn’t the drift cars best mate.

Like many others, I wasn’t aware that we got the C110 Skyline in New Zealand until about three years ago. We had the ‘NZDM’ version called the Datsun 240K. A lovely modified example was out at the track with perfect era-suitable wheels. 

It’s safe to say that we haven’t featured a lot of Fiats in NZ Performance Car — if any at all. This one is a little 124 Coupe running a turbo engine. Quite an impressive little package that sounded quite rowdy.

13Bt-powered Starlet was always going to be a menace of a time. Laying down solid runs was definitely part of the plan, one that started with a decent-sized skid first.

I could probably go on forever, but here’s a crazy Corolla popping a skid.

Until next year …