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Five ways to impress your mates

25 November 2014

If you have picked yourself up a copy of NZ Performance Car Issue No. 217 you will have found a free D1NZ DVD enclosed inside. After you’ve watched it three or four times it’s likely to end up in that draw next to your DVD player until you whip it out in a few years time to show your mate that battle at round three that had everyone on their feet. Sure it’s nice to have the DVD as a keepsake, but what about repurposing it to get some extra use out of it now? We have trawled the likes of Pinterest and found five of the best options for a second life for your DVD.

1. Chrome petrol flap

Ok so this will not be for everyone, but if you’re not afraid to roll a little bling on your ride, grab the DVD and apply some super glue or similar and apply liberally to the printed side of the  DVD. Clean the petrol cap area with a paint safe cleaner like prepsol, ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying the DVD printed side down. Follow the glue manufacturer’s instructions on curing time. You will note the centre hole still allows access to the key like on our accounts lady’s Peugeot.

2. Frisbee

Everybody loves a bit of wholesome fun, so grab ya DVD and join a mate outside for a bit of frisbee. Best of all this one requires no modifications, and if you never drop it, you will be able to re-watch at your leisure. The secret to throwing the DVD is using the flick of your wrist — not everyone will master it on their first attempt but keep at it and soon you too will be enjoying hours of backyard fun.

3. Coaster

This one has probably already happened accidentally when your mate jammed his bottle down on the coffee table without looking, but collect a few different DVDs and make yourself a set. To add an extra cool factor use a DVD holder that writable DVDs come in to store them, just like the ones in your grandmother’s draw.

4. Ninja star

This one needs to come with a parental warning as the Ninja star can poke an eye out in the wrong hands. It’s pretty simple to construct, simply draw out your star pattern, taking into account that cutting a DVD is not that easy when you try and turn corners with sissors. We simply took a ruler and marked out a cross, cutting it out leaving a small angle at each intersection near the centre. We then cut the blade angles. On our first test it managed to pierce through this Nitto side wall (honest).

5. Cellphone holder

We have saved the best for last. Now you can look extra fly at work or home with this D1NZ phone holder, and best of all it will fit any size phone, even an oversized iPhone 6+. It’s way too complicated to explain in one paragraph, and check out how crappy ours turned out. But we are sure you will be able to do one better, so here is the video:

So there you have it, five ways to repurpose your free D1NZ DVD, which is included with NZ Performance Car Issue No. 217. But we found thousands of different uses for them. To note just a few more: workshop drink cover, portable mirror, card holder, business card holder (modified version of the phone holder), and even a clock, so let us know what one you think is best, or share with us your idea in the comments below.