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NEW RELEASE: NZPC 2014 Poster Book

13 January 2014


I think we both know that it’s time to update the walls of your bedroom … The time has come to pull down that oversized wooden key from your 21st, the Che Guevara flag that screams ‘trying too hard’ and that 1996 Cindy Crawford Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition poster you traded for a Pokemon card back in year 10 at school. They’ve all been great, but it’s time to replace them with something better, something new, something you – 2.0. Out in stores on December 30, the NZPC 2014 Poster Book is crammed with the greatest A2 posters ever created (probably).

pcar 4.jpg

This time around, we’ve gone with two distinct themes: on one side you’ll find this country’s best old school Mazda rotaries, and on the other, some of the best Nissan Silvias the world has to offer.

pcar 5.jpg

Want to wake up every morning a feel like a bad ass? How else could you possibly feel after opening your eyes and seeing amazing scenes like this?

pcar 6.jpg

And this?

pcar 7.jpg

These posters are so good, our computers actually began to smoke when we tried to design them and the staff at the printers even had to wear carbon-kevlar protective gear just to get ink to high quality, glossy paper. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself, because if you like your rotary and S-chassis machines, grabbing this little slice of heaven is not an option, it’s an obligation.